What is Resource Allocation in Project Management?

What is the role of resource allocation in project management?

Resource allocation is basically the process of deciding what tasks your team will be working on and when. It is an essential plan of action that makes sure your team is able to meet deadlines and client expectations.

It is often the responsibility of the project manager to oversee this process, particularly in smaller businesses. Larger organizations might have separate tasks for these roles or even separate departments for resource management.

You need to clearly see your resources in order to perform this task effectively. This involves knowing who is available, their capabilities, rates, etc. This is usually done via an internal database, or software that lets you create an entire list of details on resources in one place. This also allows you to identify problems like blocked team members or task dependencies early on in the process.

Knowing this information allows you to quickly adjust your resources as needed, which can be commonplace as projects grow and client expectations change. This could be a matter of rescoping your project, getting backup members on your team, or creating an organization that can be called upon to assist when needed.

By ensuring that everyone is working on projects that meet their abilities it can boost morale of your team. It also helps reduce costs as it increases efficiency and eliminates waste. If you’re looking to learn more about resource management, take a look at our articles in the ‘What’s it? …’ series’ or visit APM’s knowledge portal to download digital guides and other modules.


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