Chilly Orange

[EN] Simply incomparable! Enjoy a carnival of flavours with every bite.
Imagine a dance of spicy chilli with the juicy citrus of orange, leaving your taste buds begging for a bit.

They’re not just snacks, they’re a party experience in your mouth!

[ES] ¡Simplemente incomparable! Disfruta de un carnaval de sabores con cada bocado.

Imagina un baile de chile picante con el cítrico jugoso de la naranja, dejando a tus papilas gustativas rogando por un bit.

Abre tu bolsa de Chilly Orange y empieza a disfrutar de todo su sabor!!

Our mission is to offer the more surprising snacks ever and with those flavors and this quality of potato chips we will conquer every palate. Every flavor is developed under a I+D+i team and tested with a real focus group, they finish the flavor with small changes that close the authentic WANNA FREAK top flavors.

– Do you like the hot flavors, we have them.
– Do you like the cheese flavor, we have it.
– Do you like crispy chips, we are the real top crispy.
– Do you want to have the best surprises… keep updated with WANNA FREAK.


Once you try WANNA FREAK, you won’t be able to eat regular chips, we upgrade the standards, we set new possibilities, and there is much more to discover together. 


We are 100% produced in Spain, from a traditional potato frying recipe with more than 75 years and natural products. 

⚠️ Disclaimer

Enjoy WANNA FREAK under your responsibility, if you get addicted please send an email to our company to study your case and maybe you can get some rewards…